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    Checkoin Token Certificate NFT Owners earn recurring Checkoin while crowdfunding high quality, global education. Courses always FREE to all learners. Unbiased ◦ Factual ◦ Mastery-Based


Checkoin Token Certificates

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Limited Checkoin Token Certificates

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$25 $50 $100 $500 $1000


Outstanda provides the best Learning Mastery system to support schools, teachers, and students at no charge.


Building a system that improves education and the standard of living globally for all learners.

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Education NFT Funding
Improves Lives Globally.

Using Learning Mastery, learners work at their own pace to achieve high levels of competency. Funding high-quality education supports schools, teachers, and learners.

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  • Supports Teachers
  • Best Instructional Model
Checkoin Token Certificate Cost USD # Issued
SERIES #1 - Currently Available $25 60,000
SERIES #2 - Planned $50 100,000
SERIES #3 - Planned $100 100,000

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