Environmental Impact

How Outstanda and Checkoin will be positive for the environment.


Improving global climate, education, and socio-economic baselines are our focus.


Rapid, short term outcomes with many people will have an impact quickly.


Increasing education and standards of living while improving the environment.

Outstanda - Better Than Carbon Neutral

Many companies should be commended for giving a percentage of profits to climate projects to achieve carbon neutrality. Their goal is to offset their carbon footprint. Outstanda, via Checkoin and Crypto strategies, will significantly reduce damage and even reverse damage. Our goal is to repair the harm with the help of students completing meaningful projects.

Environmental Principle

  • 100% Remote Workforce - Only in-person meetings when projects require it.
  • Environmental projects are a part of the homework and curriculum. Classrooms will begin to repair the environment.
  • The classes will teach systems and efficiency, which will help the workforce of tomorrow create leaner processes.
  • Choosing greener technologies whenever possible.
  • Reducing students and teachers need to commute 5 days a week.
  • Make it easier to have high-quality education at micro-schools, within walking distance for most children.
  • Part of the education initiative is to help students reduce environmental impact by at least 10%. This can be accomplished through education about being a good steward to our planet.
  • Never choose damaging technologies for our organization. Build something new if needed.
  • Staff have flexible hours to do tasks during non-peak times, reducing driving and traffic.

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Course Climate Projects

Courses have hands-on projects as part of the curriculum. These can take the form of environmental projects, socio-economic projects, and advocacy for positive change.

Environmental Project Types

  • Younger scholars can learn and write about ways to use less resources.
  • All students can participate in research and planting of appropriate trees and vegetation.
  • Students learn how to reduce supply chain waste by producing more locally.
  • Students learn how to spot false information and bias.
  • Students learn effective activism techniques that are safe and get results.

By improving education, Outstanda can help people improve their environmental awareness and also improve their socio-economic status, giving them the means to be better citizens of the world and the knowledge of how to make a hands-on difference.

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