Education NFT FAQ

Answering your questions about how Outstanda & Checkoin work and what to expect as the Checkoin Token Certificates are minted and distributed as NFTs to owners.

  • Can I resell my Checkoin Token Certificate?

    Once your Checkoin Token Certificate NFT is minted and transferred to you, you are free to sell it on any marketplace that supports the NFT format. Keep in mind, our NFTs take months to complete.

    If you sell it, the new owner will get your earnings.

  • How are Checkoin Token Certificate funds spent on education?

    All funds raised through Checkoin Token Certificate are spent to develop and deliver the best, mastery-based education that is free to all learners. This is after banking fees and NFT fulfillment costs.

  • When will my Checkoin Token Certificate NFT be minted?

    The Checkoin Token Certificate NFT is minted once the SERIES is funded 100%.

  • How do I download my Checkoin Token Certificate?

    All Checkoin Token Certificate NFTs come with digital ownership, as well as a file that may be added to a website or printed for display. The image file is on our website, but no rights are granted until the certificate is minted and ownership is transfered to your Solana wallet. If you do not create a wallet, Outstanda will retain the NFT for you as well as the earnings.

  • Do I need to provide personal information?

    In order to use a charge card, we must have your personal information.

    The only information that becomes public is your Outstanda user name and your Solana wallet number when you transfer the NFT to your wallet.

  • What currency do Checkoin Token Certificate holders get paid in?

    In 2022, Outstanda released Checkoin. This coin is unique because it can only be created when a verified student completes a course successfully. Then the student and many people helping create and fund the Checkoin Token Certificate will get a small % as well.

    While we will work hard to make this currency highly valuable, all cryptocurrencies are speculative. Checkoin is not currently traded publically, but will be in the future. You should be aware of all the risks associated with NFTs and cryptocurrency, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor. ICOs, NFTs, IEOs, STOs and any other form of offering, will not guarantee a return on your investment.

  • What currencies can I use to buy a Checkoin Token Certificate?

    Checkoin Token Certificates have flat Edition rates in US dollars. You may purchase with a credit card.

    You do not need to use Cryptocurrency to purchase. You will need an account in order to transfer your Checkoin Token Certificate before you can do anything with it. We will hold it for you until you are ready.

  • What kind of token is an Checkoin Token Certificate?

    Checkoin Token Certificate is the non-fungible token standard on Solana. However, as technology improves and more green options are developed, we may change this standard for new NFT standards.

  • How do I contact Outstanda?

    The best way to get current contact information is to visit the main page.

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