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Outstanda Checkoin Token Certificates is NFT Profit Sharing

Checkoin Cryptocurrency


Checkoin launched on the eco-friendly Solana blockchain to pay students, creators, teachers, and Checkoin Token Certificates NFT holders. Read Whitepaper


Distribution will be global to verified students who complete free courses, fueling wide-scale adoption as a currency of choice.

De facto Currency

Dependable tokens that can be used for currency or exchanged. Supply expands and contracts as people learn and spend currency.

Checkoin Token Certificates

Owning a Checkoin Token Certificate NFT will grant 1 share of the Checkoin generated for crowdfunding certificate holders.

As the Outstanda program grows, earnings will be paid out to Checkoin Token Certificates NFT owners evenly per certificate. This payout will be in the proprietary cryptotoken currency Checkoin, which may or may not have value when traded on the open market. Payout is being used as a term to easily describe the process but it is not meant to imply this is an investment, as the value of Checkoin is indeterminant at this time.

Below are some features. Version 1.

  • Checkoin Token Certificates will not be eligible until the series is funded. This is the mint date.
  • This portion of Outstanda is scheduled to go live over the 2022/2023 development cycle.
  • This is definitely not a short-term investment. Long term there may be significant value created, which will depend on an unregulated, open market.

Stay up to date on news and progress.

NFT Profit Sharing

Checkoin Token Certificates is a form of NFT rewards for crowdfunding help, where every NFT owner can earn Checkoin based on the success of Outstanda, schools using Oustanda, and the students using Outstanda to improve their education. The Checkoin Token Certificates assures everyone benefits from Outstanda success.

Our mission is to create and distribute wealth globally and fairly via Checkoin by paying people to improve their education, wellness, and community. Paying out Checkoin will be second to achieving this goal aggressively. The upside for NFT owners is that the wider our program is implemented, the more likely the value of the NFT and Checkoin will grow.

Consult a knowledgeable professional about risks before making any purchase decision.

Earn Checkoins When
Students Complete Courses

  • Education Crowdfunding
  • Recurring Checkoin Earning
  • Buy / Sell / Give Certificates
  • Supports Global Curriculum

Limited Checkoin Token Certificates

Edition #1 $25 Each Choose Your Amount

$25 $50 $100 $500 $1000

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